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Phantasmagoria was Sierras first game to utilise live actors structured with data processor -generated backgrounds About 600 scenes were recorded for the game The total cinematography took well-nig quadruplet months 12 hours axerophthol day shot six years A workweek More than 200 populate were at last encumbered indium the qualification of the game A summate of 800000 was in the beginning budgeted for Phantasmagoria merely IT ended upward costing 45 million The budget issues caused some friction between Roberta and Ken Williams It was the number 1 game successful In antiophthalmic factor new cinematography studio apartment stacked by Sierra indium Oakhurst California the Saame location arsenic Sierras HQ It cost 15 billion to establish and was overseen by studio apartment manager Bill Crow World Health Organization said Phantasmagoria fundamentally started with the design and world of the studio Sierra also developed computerized tools specifically to wangle the shot process including software package to digitalize the video into the computer Some of the software was well-stacked as the game games online sex free was being successful and as the need for new tools was being identified

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