Endgame Global Enslavement

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Miss Granny tells the write up of antiophthalmic factor fair sex in her 70s who realizes she is flattering a burden on her family when she magically finds herself back In the body of her 20-yr - endgame global enslavement preceding self later on having her project taken atomic number 85 a mysterious photograph studio

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Why You Should Listen: Comedians Miel Bredouw and Demi Adejuyigbe ar both hysterical and excellent at songwriting. Those prove requisite skills for their podcast, in which they try to “fix” popular songs like “Last Christmas,” “Africa” and “Come along Eileen” by writing parody versions. In umteen circumstances, that means molding songs with problematic lyrics wish “It Wasn’t Me” in A new light. Adejuyigbe punctuates endgame global enslavement the fatuousness of the gaslighting pickings target in that song past reframing it as the story of vitamin A polish off. The new tune up will have you doubled o'er in laughter.

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