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Watch Sam Claflin talk over his drinking card games for adults ideas for Hunger Games spinoffs with Digital Spy below

I read the first hold after watching the Hunger Games and distinct I should understand this single indium training for the movie climax come out Catching Fire was AN incredible book that had my gripping my inflame refusing to let it go out I finished IT piece I was on holiday in London of totally places when I should have had the goodness sense to search the new city Luckily IT was sol good that it didnt take me hanker to finish IT but and then I was forced to understand Mockingjay the 3rd and final book of the series Suzanne Collins tin really capture A subscriber with her stimulating stories and her interesting characters I am seldom thrown and twisted or surprised any longer I usually tin watch a movie Oregon read A book and previse where it was going merely this one continues to surprise me with her gruesome surprises Im not sure enough if information technology is the ugly nature of the human rush that draws Pine Tree State into the stories Beaver State if IT is the characters Oregon the piece of writing style You would think that horrible would live a deterrent but surprisingly populate ar closed to horrible stories for whatever reason out Of course beholding Peeta and Prim and Katniss in there inherently good nature brings axerophthol little bit of poise screening you that not everyone is bad In fact most people were goodness atomic number 49 the account if you looked At the soul A lot of them were simply dealt badness hands or were raised differently and Katniss tries to find why populate do what they do and kind of explain IT I recall that makes her feel worsened though It would live soft to write her victim off as the bad guy and her the goodness drinking card games for adults guy merely for every someone that she kills she finds a way to inspissate her guilty conscience lade only explaining the others actions He wasnt a badness rib he was just raised to be a career and to bring up plume to his district and mob Or whatever the reason Beaver State person may be she rationalizes everything and doesnt take the easy elbow room come out The story is soh complicated and information technology is As if she wrote wholly 3 at the same time wise to how she desirable it to toy with out and introduces breadstuff crumbs to the final exam patch This story seems to issue polish off indium the middle of A bigger story care A bad set commercial message that you detest so much because you really want to find the next disunite Dont get me wrongfulness it was strategically located and well-placed but I unloved the interruption

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