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How To Summertime Adult Game Write A Legislature Legal Brief

My car was wiped out fresh with the starter and oil pan write out. I have contacted vitamin A local mobile shop mechanic companion and they take sent summertime adult game a shop mechanic to my place to fix it. I take taken a picture of the dashboard with all lights mileometer etc., to empathize its substance in Google earlier the day the shop mechanic arrived. Mechanic consummated his work and I have successful a payment of around $500 through and through citi credit tease. While machinist was there I realized that the railroad car started showing check engine light. I claimed that the get down was non thither earlier and IT started viewing today. I have conveyed the shop mechanic keep company with totally the pictures (before and after) also the serve tape from the Holocene serve done (mid April 2019) at axerophthol Honda monger. Mechanic companion claims that the check engine dismount is due to O2 detector but it has been there for a long clock. But really that is non true and besides the O2 sensing element is located near that anoint pan. After A few messages changed, he stopped responding to my messages. Can I do a dispute? Would the credit tease company trust the evidences I take?

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